Eligibility For Performance

  • Group performances are not allowed, the forum's goal is to foster individual/solo performances
  • Only Indian Classical Music is allowed (Carnatic or Hindustani), no light music, bhajans and fusion is entertained
  • Performers have to perform with the right accompanist for the type of music, generally performers without the appropriate accompanist will not be entertained
  • Performer should notify the co-ordinators the details of the performance with the application to perform, the details being:
    a. Raag being performed
    b. Accompanist's Name and instrument
  • Dheemtana will announce a theme for each of the baithaks ahead of time, and performers are requested to choose their performance to suit the theme

  • Performance slots are based on the following criteria:
  • 1. Short Performance - 15 Mins

    Dheemtana first timers will be alloted the 15 minutes slot

    2. Medium Performance - 30 Mins

    A Performer should have performed at Dheemtana at least twice in the short length slot

    3. Long Performance - 45 Mins

    A performer should have performed at Dheemtana in a medium length slot

    Performance Expectations

  • Performers should adhere to the type of music applied fo
  • The recording of the performance (both video and audio) will be posted on the web site, irrespective of the performance qualit
  • Dheemtana holds the right to use the recordings in whatever way it deems fit for use in the musical community
  • Dheemtana will send out the baithak sign up form the day after every baithak, the performers are requested to submit their requests. The baithak communications will be sent out on the Dheemtana Yahoo Groups email.
    In order to become a member of the group, please send a mail to dheemtanabaithaks@gmail.com requesting to be added onto the group, along with a small introduction of yourself and why you should a part of the group.