Sucheta Korwar - Kirana Gharana


  • Sucheta Korwar has a zeal for music. She has been a student of one of bay area's best Sri.Nachiketa Sharma since October 2002, and has been learning harmonium from the Bay Area's highly renowned harmonium player Sri. Vivek Datar since September 2005. Her top 5 favorite raags are Bhairav, Nand, Shudhkalyan, GaudSarang, and Darbari Kannada. Sri. Nachiketa Sharma, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, and Sri. Ganapati Bhat are included in her long (and growing) list of favorite artists. She likes reading, running, and listening to (a select few) Bollwood songs. She also plays trombone in her school band. Here is a clip of her singing one of her favorite raags Shudhkalyan