Priyank Desai - Kirana Gharana


  • Priyank Desai was first introduced to Hindustani Classical Music in the form of Bansuri (Classical Flute) in 1994 by his Guru Shri Hemendra Dixit. Since then music has become an integral part of his life. For the past several years, Priyank also learns Hindustani vocal from his guru Shri Nachiketa Sharma. His understanding of Hindustani Sangeet in general has received a big boost since he started learning vocal and enjoys exploring the Gayaki Ang on his bansuri.

    Priyank continues to learn bansuri from his gurus Shri Hemendra Dixit (Disciple of Pt. Panalal Ghosh), Pt. Radhaprasad (senior disciple of the great Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia) and violinist Smt. Sisirkana Dhar Chowdhury. For better understanding of taal, he also learnt tabla for 2 years from his guru Shri Pranesh Khan.

    Priyank has performed several times on AIR (Yuva-Vani) and various concerts in India and US. He has also played Bansuri for background Scores and soundtrack for movies like Flavors. He is also the recipient of several fellowships from Durfee foundation and ACTA under the master-apprenticeship programs.

    As a founding member of Dheemtana, Priyank envisions to see this amazing art form of Indian classical music reach out to a much wider audience in the bay area and beyond.